The Sherwood Forest Faire Brings Medieval Magic To the Austin Community!

Austin residents have a new reason to celebrate because the Sherwood Forest Faire is on! 

The Sherwood Forest Faire is a locally-owned medieval-style village located in the Lost Pines section of Central Texas, just shy of around thirty minutes away from Austin. The festival consists of shows, shops, food, and more! Guests can enjoy some great live acts including fire juggling, knife throwing, live bands, comedy, sword-fighting, falconry, jousting, and a castle siege. And for some of you lovebirds, there’s even a section where you can experience a real fairytale wedding with your significant other! Whew! That’s a lot, huh? But it just means you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment during your visit! 

But where would the Sherwood Forest be without Robin Hood? That’s right, he’ll be there as well, along with Lady Marian. Plus, there will be plenty of tasty grub and drinks to enjoy as you stroll across the green. There will even be live demonstrations, including glass-blowing, blacksmithing, pottery spinning, leather armor making, weaving, jewelry and art creation, and more! All in all, it’s just a great package, as well as a great way to spend the weekend.

If you’re an Austin resident, this is the best kind of opportunity to enjoy some truly engaging local festivals nearby, as well as get the chance to visit the nearby cities that surround the outskirts of the city. Austin itself prides itself in its quick reach across the region, along with plenty of affordable housing options for those of you looking to take advantage of Austin’s easy way of living. 

The best places to be? Woodstone, Treehouse, The Reserve, Park at Crestview, and Northstar Apartments are easily the best in terms of both affordability and pet-friendly services. Plus, they’re all within close reach of where the Sherwood Forest Faire will be! It’s an overall win-win for anyone looking for quality living.

The Sherwood Forest Faire reminds me a lot of the blog I wrote on Medieval Times recently. And why not? It sounds just as fun and just as entertaining and I’m really impressed by both the atmosphere as well as the endless array of things to see and do. Tickets will be on sale from $10-$25 a person.  

For additional information about the Sherwood Forest Faire, you can visit their main website HERE. Make sure to wear your mask and practice safe social distancing when you go! Put on your best jousting outfit and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!


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Mar 23